Summer Work Experience

So rather than waste away the 5 long months of summer before the all important third year arrives, I decided to try and get myself some work experience in an Architects office for the summer! ASI Architects whose office is in Derry (ย very kindly agreed to let me tag along and today was my third day. I have my own little desk and the office is on Clarendon Street, one of the nicest (I think) in the city.

The view through the window I sit in front of ๐Ÿ™‚

So far my days have been filled with using AutoCAD, the 2009 version. Before I started, Uni had given us a few basic classes, so I thought I was still a complete novice. However now that I’ve had a proper go on it, I think I’ve got most of the commands learnt! If you can master offset, trim, line and hatch, you can do most of the work! Today I brought in my plans from my last semesters project and began drawing them up, here’s how far I got (sorry the images are so small, they’re screenshots):



Not bad for a novice I think! If I’d been sitting at the house I never would have learnt CAD as well in only three days, but being in the office motivates you to do something useful.

If anybodies thinking about asking for experience during the summer, I’d really recommend it! Even just listening to what goes on in an office day to day gets you more clued in to what Architects really do all day, for example today i learnt what a NBS was, and that Orchard house is the place to go to for the planning office! It may seem insignificant but all of these snippets of information are the things you’ll never learn in uni, and that you probably will deal with later on in your career.

I’ll keep you guys updated with how my work experience progresses and I hope you enjoyed this short post! Feel free to leave any comments down below ๐Ÿ™‚